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Kumasakurashi (くま桜市) or Bearblossom City is a world-building project focused on everyday life in a cute Tokyo-inspired city where animals, humans, and aliens live together in peace.


Gui is a shy but generally jolly half Japanese/half Jelly, aiming to be a professional writer. Gui started writing his first novel in highschool. While he was unsuccessful in publishing it commercially, he gained a small following online after publishing independently and works closely with a small local bookshop chain, Happy Honya, to distribute his works. To supplement his income, Gui works at Powdered Paws, the local bakery, where his love of baking and sweets shines. Gui acquired his love of baking from his Mother, who (as a Jelly), must eat copious amounts of sugar. Gui especially enjoys baking for his friends - Yumiko, Nanami and Masato. When not working or writing his novel, Gui frequents local cafes with his friends, plays role-playing games or fanboys over the latest Kyandi Keki music video.

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