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Welcome to my art mail Q&A. My art mail subscription or "Hello Mail" is basically just my artwork on various goodies sent to your home quarterly through a monthly subscription platform called Patreon. Hopefully, this page will clear up any confusion you may have. If you don't see your inquiry, feel free to email me at


💌 Hello Mail ($5 tier) is a 5x7" envelope with a sticker & postcard.

🌷 Hello Bundle ($10 tier) is a 5x7” envelope with 4 - 6 stickers/postcards and occasionally, other flat goods.

🌈 Hello Box ($25 tier) is a 10.5x8.5x2” box with everything in the 🌷 Hello Bundle along with 1 - 2 additional items such as art prints, keychains, and other fun goodies that don't fit in an envelope.

☕ Hello Print ($35 tier) is the 🌈 Hello Box with either an 8x8" or 8x10" print included even during the months that the normal box has one (which I am aiming for only once per year). This is for the bears who really love collecting prints.


Since I have allowed Patronbears to be charged on the same day they originally subscribed on, I send out mail after the last month in the quarter to make sure I catch every bear who has paid the past 3 months. Here's the cycle:

1st QUARTER: December, January, February

2nd QUARTER: March, April, May

3rd QUARTER: June, July, August

4th QUARTER: September, October, November

EXAMPLE ONE: A bear signs up in July. That gives the month of July and August for payment. I need 3 full months of payment before I send out mail so, sadly, this bear will have to wait until December. Hopefully, the podcasts, digital downloads and updates will be enough to thank this bear for their generosity while they wait for their next mail. ♡

EXAMPLE TWO: A bear signs up in June. This gives June, July and August for payment. That's the full 3 months! So, I will send this bear mail in September.


Any bear all around the world can receive 💌 Hello Mail and 🌷 Hello Bundle. For now, only bears inside of the United States can receive the 🌈 Hello Box. If you are an international bear that just wants to give more, please subscribe to the 🌷 Hello Bundle tier and increase your support within this tier.


That's fine with me! You can edit your tier pledge to be the one-time price when signing up. Please be aware which quarter you are paying in! If you pay the first week of a shipping month and really wanted what is now technically last quarter's box (that I am sending out that week) please let me know or else I will count your one-time payment towards the new quarter. Also, remember to either cancel or decrease your pledge before the next month rolls around!

🌈 HELLO BOX: $75

​☕ HELLO PRINT: $105



Please triple quadruple check your address! If 💌 Hello Mail/Bundle is lost there's not much I can do until it is returned to my PO Box. Thankfully, 🌈 Hello Box has tracking so message me or your local mail service and maybe we can find it.



If a 💌 Hello Mail/Bundle is returned I will ask that you triple check your address and I will send it a second time free of charge.

If a 🌈 Hello Box is returned I will ask that you triple check your address, and sadly, pay for the second shipping since I can't afford it a second time.



Sorry, no. Patreon is a place to donate to creatives that you love while receiving really cool things in return. It's not a shop.



That really stinks! Send me a photo of the damaged product. Depending on what it is and where you live we can try and get it figured out.




There's an option to opt out of physical rewards when you sign up to be a Patronbear. Please don't put in a fake address since it'll waste money and time.



I know, at times, that subscription boxes can deliver too much stuff. I agree! It can be daunting to receive so many things. That's one reason why I opted for a quarterly box (every 3 months) with only 1 - 2 large items. The postcards are fun because you can send them off and I am only sending out 1 - 2 stickers per quarter which I feel is more than enough time to figure where to put them.

With the big items, I am going to try and make them useful or not repeat them more than once per year. So, in my head, a year could look like: a keychain, an art print, a hat, a booklet, a sketchbook, and notepad, a pin. That's not a whole lot and if you really don't want something you can always use it as a gift for a loved one!



Why subscribe here when you can wait for a shop update or an event? Well, not everyone lives in my little part of the world and shop updates are far and few between. Plus, some goodies are only stocked once and may sell out at events and Patronbears will have guaranteed access to all new product (that fit in a box).


Plus, if you are a fan of my work, your subscription creates a stability and steadiness that allows me to focus on creating, which is a huge blessing.


I will also be packing these boxes as full as I can with goodies at the lowest price possible. When I calculate profit margins I often have to inflate them to get to an even dollar amount for events (since I don’t carry coins) or calculate in large cuts for shops (sometimes up to 40%). Other than the 8% cut for Patreon, shipping and the lower tier (which I only add in for the 1st month), I make sure that each penny is meticulously accounted for so I can send you the most goodies possible. ♡


I also offer more than just mail including: digital downloads, weekly updates, a monthly podcast, coloring pages and early access to new projects. So, that’s pretty cool! ✿



When you sign up on Patreon, at any tier, you receive a handwritten welcome postcard. If you sign up for the Hello Box tier or higher you get an exclusive Hellooo! keychain in your first box. ♡

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