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This is for those of you who'd like a print hand-signed with a short note (or doodle)!


The quantity is per print so if you have 4 prints in your order that you'd like signed, please purchase 4 of this listing.


The print will be hand-signed on the back with a short note (or doodle). Just make sure to add the note into the comments when you check out! To make sure there's no miscommunication on what I should write, please be sure to put exactly what you'd like in quotations, like so:

"Happy 20th Birthday, Liz!"


and I'll be sure to get that squared away for you. If for some reason you forgot to leave a message in the comments during check out or need to change what you'd like the note to say, please email me as quickly as possible with your order number at


Please note that the file that comes with this purchase is merely a thank you message and the real thing you are purchasing is the service of me signing your print!


Thank you!

ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ミ☆

note (or doodle) + signature for your print

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