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 terms of service 

commercial use

Commercial commissions require a higher fee of three times the base price and may be subject to royalties. Details can be discussed further through email at

Adding credit in the media you are using the commission in is required. For example: Youtube videos, stream descriptions, websites, etc.

♡  Wondering what counts as commercial?  If it's a part of branding or going on a product, it's commercial. There are many examples - so please email me and ask if you are not sure, but - using a design on a t-shirt, as an album cover, as a sticker, as a logo on a business account, etc, that's commercial.

Emotes are a bit strange but I will say that if they stay as emotes on Discord and Twitch only, that's not commercial use (be sure to credit though). If you are placing an emote as a icon or banner (making it a part of your brand) or printing it out as a sticker for your community, I would then ask that you purchase a commercial license for said emote. Thank you!


personal use



Reposting your commission is fine please include credit to my social media or link my website.

Adding credit in the media you are using the commission in is required. For example: Youtube videos, stream descriptions, websites, etc.

I am allowed to decline any commission requests that I feel uncomfortable with / feel I will not be able to properly execute.

I am allowed to post the artwork on my social media unless specifically asked not to. This may require an additional privacy fee, depending on how complex the artwork is. I reserve the right to stream / record the process unless otherwise discussed.

 Full refunds are allowed to be requested if the commission has not been started. Partial refunds can be issued depending on where I am in the painting process. If the commission is close to being finished, a refund will not be issued. This will be furthered detailed in the contract issued before a commission is started.

 By default, you will receive a png file. Single-layer file types beyond that are free but any multi-layered file types (psd, tif, clip, etc) will require an extra fee.


 Please note that if you choose to purchase a print and frame with your commission, the shipping is calculated separately from the commission price.

ordering, payment, and the process

 All prices are in USD.

 Payment is through PayPal invoice. Sales tax will be charged on top of the commission price.


♡ Commissions below $100 must be paid upfront and must be paid in full before I start on your commission. Commissions above $100 are allowed split payment, half upfront and half before final delivery.

 After we have discussed the commission and the price, I will tell you that the commission is accepted and will send you a contract to sign that spells out our terms. After the contract is discussed and signed an invoice will be sent out.

​Generally, the commission will take anywhere between a few days to a month to finish and ship out depending on how long my queue is and how complex your request is.​ I will give you an estimate of how long the commission will take before sending out a contract / invoice.

changes to your commission


 I will not repaint the entire piece unless you commission it as new artwork, so make sure you are happy with the sketch and WIPs you receive. 

If you want detailed / complicated changes to your finished commission, you need to pay a fee. This fee depends on what you need changed. If the change is the result of an error on my part (for example, missing details you included in your order), the change will be free.


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